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What is Neurophysiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of individuals who have neurological conditions or impairments; for example Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.

First Physiotherapy Appointment

An initial neuro assessment is required to take a detailed history of your condition and any other medical issues you may have. I will also look at your movement patterns, strength, posture, balance and mobility. This helps me to identify your physical abilities and your goals before your treatment starts.

The treatment programme may include strengthening exercises, stretching, postural work, balance exercises and walking practice (gait re-education). These programmes are supported with ongoing advice and education.
The physiotherapy assessment will take about an hour and it is advisable to wear light and comfortable clothes. Ongoing treatment sessions will be between 45mins to 1 hour. The frequency of these appointments will vary dependent on your agreed treatment plan and goals.

Physiotherapy appointments are provided in your own home. This allows a more personal and individualised approach to your treatment. Clients often report that they feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment as their rehab can be optimised to fit in with their daily routine.

Home visits are offered in Keynsham, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.


∗ Please note there will be an additional charge to cover travel time if you live more than 5 miles from the Core Rehab base in Saltford. This will be discussed and agreed prior to your initial appointment*



“Change happens through movement and movement heals”